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Calm Action - Supporting Individuals

Empowering Neurodisabled Individuals

Calm Action is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to neurodisabled individuals and their families. We offer legal advice, advocacy services, educational programs, and public awareness campaigns to create a more inclusive and understanding society.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is a service that serves communities across the United States by enforcing codes and regulations to ensure safety and maintain community standards.

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Our Journey

Discover how Calm Action emerged as a leading support group for neurodisabled individuals and their families.

Calm Action has been on a mission to provide a platform for American individuals to thrive and lead fulfilling lives. Our team is committed to making a positive impact by promoting inclusion and understanding.

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Neurodivergent Acceptance

Our Support Programs

Calm Action offers a range of support programs tailored to meet the unique needs of American individuals and their families.

Legal Advice and Advocacy

Our legal experts provide guidance and representation to ensure the rights and interests of neurodisabled individuals are protected.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is a service that helps to remove fraud in the United States by enforcing local laws and regulations related to building, zoning, and health codes. Our team of experts ensures that properties are safe and compliant, protecting both individuals and communities.

Community Engagement

Calm Action organizes events and activities to foster a sense of belonging and social integration for neurodisabled individuals.

ERI Certificate

We work towards creating a more inclusive society by certifying for the rights and needs of neurodiverse individuals.

Empowering  Individuals

Legal Advice & Advocacy

Lawyers, Social Workers, Case Managers.

Community Engagement

ERI: The difference between life and death. Get ERI Certified Today.


National Attorneys, Case Managers, Social Workers, and Advocates.


Years of Impact and counting.

Areas of Focus

Legal Support

Calm Action provides legal assistance and advocacy for neurodisabled individuals and their families.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is a vital service that helps protect our communities by ensuring that local and regulations are being followed. Our team works tirelessly to maintain the safety and integrity of our neighborhoods.

Community Engagement

Our engagement programs aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment for neurodisabled individuals to thrive.

Neurodivergent Inclusion

Our Approach

Empowering Through Support


Comprehensive Services

Addressing Unique Needs


Social Workers

Promoting Well-being


Code Enforcement

File a Complaint


ERI Certificate

Creating A Safe Community

Success Stories

Discover the journeys of individuals whose lives have been positively impacted by our support programs.

Autistic and Happy
“Calm Action has been a guiding light for our family, providing invaluable support and resources for our child with neurodisabilities.”

Rachel Thompson

Neurodivergent and Proud
“I cannot thank Calm Action enough for their unwavering support and commitment to creating a more inclusive and accessible community for neurodisabled individuals.”

David Rodriguez

Calm Action Neurodivergent Client
“Calm Action has been instrumental in advocating for the rights and needs of neurodisabled individuals, and their impact is truly commendable.”

Alexandra Chang

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