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Activist Training Opportunities

CALM Action is dedicated to helping activists reach their full revolutionary potential. We offer various activist training programs to help activists gain the tools needed to successfully create change for animals.

Next 3-day Intensive Training

Our 3-Day Intensive Trainings provide the solid groundwork activists need to fight for animals. The next training is in Toronto on April 23, 24, 25 and includes in-depth workshops on:
  • An Introduction to Revolutionary Activism
  • Effective Outreach
  • Overcoming and Avoiding Activist Burnout
  • Direct Action 101
  • Commonalities of Oppression and Movement Intersections
  • Creating Strong and Safe Groups
  • An Introduction and Invitation to CALM Action

Anyone who wants to be a great animal liberation activist should attend! The training is free and all vegan meals are provided. Activists are encouraged to stay at the KW CALM house so they can get to know the other activists and continue discussions after the workshops. Any attendees wanting to stay and spend the holidays with us having fun and campaigning are welcome to. If you want to attend email info@CALMaction.org and let us know a bit about why you want to come. Spots are limited so apply ASAP! There is also a training scheduled for December 27, 28, 29.


Internships are provided for individuals aspiring to become revolutionary animal liberation activists. Interns join a CALM Action cell for one to five months to gain activist experience and guidance.

By the end of the internship you will have: created real change for animals; developed yourself as an activist; gained a deeper understanding of animal liberation and other movements; met dozens of like minded veg*ns and activists; and had a ton of fun!

Both General and Specialized Internships are available and will be operating out of Kitchener, Toronto, and Vancouver. Activists may apply for General Internships at any time and will be informed on the earliest possible start day. Specialized Internships currently open (with earliest start date) are:

  • Shut Down Animal Circuses Campaigner (April.2011)
  • Campaigns Research Assistant (April.2011)
  • Videography and/or Photography Support (April.2011)
  • Vegan Chef - Food as Freedom Project (April.2011)
  • Outreach and Education Assistant (April.2011)
  • Graphic Design Support (Oct.2011)
  • Anti-Fur Campaigner (Oct.2011)

To apply please complete and submit the application package found here (email us to confirm we got it). If you would rather answer the questions in the application package using an electronic medium other than text (e.g., slideshow presentation, video, flowchart, comic, audio file, etc), feel free to do so - just email the file to info@calmaction.org.

Important information about the CALM Internships:

  • No previous activist experience is required to apply - we love to welcome people to the movement!
  • The minimum time for an internship is one month
  • You are required to get active for a minimum of 30 hours per week
  • Free housing and everything else needed (food, toiletries, medication, etc.) will be provided
  • People from all walks of life are encouraged to apply! If you are
  • passionate and dedicated we are happy to accommodate your needs in any way
  • Interns will be involved in all types of activism, from outreach to direct action to behind the scenes support for activists
  • You will never be required to do any action that makes you uncomfortable in any way
  • You will never be asked to do illegal actions.
  • Interns are treated as equal members of the cell and are given the same respect and opportunities as permanent CALM activists

If you have any questions please email info@calmaction.org.

Workshops & Mentors

CALM Action provides a variety of workshops for activists wishing to improve their skills and activism. If you would like CALM Action to host a workshop, email the topic, location, and potential dates to info@CALMaction.org. Popular workshops include:
  • An Introduction to the Four Types of Activism
  • Effective Outreach
  • Empowering Women in the Animal Liberation Movement
  • Creating Strong and Safe Groups

Activists can also ask for a CALM Action mentor. Mentors can provide either in-person or online wisdom and guidance to aspiring activists. If you would like a mentor please email info@CALMaction.org.

Frequently Asked Questions About CALM Trainings

If we don't answer your questions here, email or check out the infrequently asked questions .

Do I have to be young/able-bodied/perfect to receive training?

No! We only require that you be dedicated to animal liberation. This movement is for everybody. We are all different and have different needs! Just communicate those needs to us and we will do our best to meet them.

What are the sleeping arrangements for CALM Action Trainings/Internships?

This is always discussed prior to the training and/or internship. We ensure men and women have separate sleeping spaces and any requests for private sleeping spaces are met.

We do our best to ensure we provide a safe environment for all activists. No recreational drugs (including alcohol) are used in CALM houses and we try to ensure no oppressive behaviour (e.g., sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, etc.) occurs inside the house. We are committed to educating or removing anyone who engages in such behaviour.

I have a question, how can i get an answer?

Submit it here with your email and we will email you a response.