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This page is a compilation of valuable online resources about animal exploitation in Canada

Whether it's government reports, industry documents, or undercover investigations the same message rings true - animals live and die in horrendous conditions in Canada (and beyond). Do your own research - if you need help looking for certain information/sources email info@calmaction.org

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Things on Google

We suggest looking at these fully cited reports and websites for academic projects on animal agriculture -

Images of Canadian Animals

Any image search engine will show you the same story - extreme animal suffering for profit

Below is a compiliation of images that were taken in Canada in the last decade.

A Map of Animal Exploiters

There are fur farms, factory farms, roadside zoos, animal 'research' labs, and a host other institutions that profit off of animals, usually within an hour drive of where you live (Yes, in Canada).
Map to Kaufman Furs

Some are easy to find (like Kaufman Furs) and most can found with a bit of research. We think it is important to make these places known.

If you would like to volunteer for this project please email info@calmaction.org