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Action for Animal Liberation

Animal liberation activism is any action that fights to end the oppression, exploitation, and victimization of animals, human or nonhuman. Vegan outreach, fighting to abolish slavery/capitalism, closing a fur farm, ending sexual violence through education, and stopping deforestation are all examples of animal liberation activism.

We will use every tactic needed to achieve animal liberation. Our tactics are diverse and differ greatly from activist to activist. Each activist has full choice and control over the actions they are involved in.

Volunteering with Existing CALM Cells

Volunteers are the backbone of CALM. We value their contribution and are committed to providing them with rewarding action and ongoing support.

List of Open Positions - (volunteer via email)

  • Tabling at shows, festivals, events
  • Youth Outreach
  • Video Screenings (indoor and out)
  • Available Internships (with earliest start date)
    • Close Kaufman Furs Campaigner (Nov.2010)
    • Campaigns Research Assistant (Nov.2010)
    • Shutdown Animal Circuses Campaigner (April.2011)
    • Vegan Chef - Food as Freedom Project (April.2011)
    • Outreach and Education Assistant (April.2011)

*note - While there are open volunteer positions with existing CALM cells and projects, we highly suggest organizing your own actions.

Organizing Your Own Action

We recommend starting with small, simple actions. Vegan outreach is a great way to do quick, effective activism. For detailed information on how to do great outreach see VeganOutreach.ca. Activists are also encouraged to attend a 3-day Intensive Training to gain the tools required to do great activism.

If you would like to work on another initiative, or develop a larger outreach or direct action campaign, you can email info@CALMaction.org for support.

Basic Framework for Activism

There are four types of activism: direct action, outreach, support, and organizing. The tactics used flow from the type of action. When people misunderstand the types of activism and their purposes, the resulting actions are ineffective and can be counter-productive (e.g. protesting as a means of vegan outreach).

Direct Action: Directly creating a change (e.g. banning milk/eggs/meat from public schools, directly liberating animals, stopping a company like HLS, or closing a fur farm.)

Outreach: Getting people to go vegan and get active. Raising people’s awareness and knowledge of an issue with the intent of changing their attitudes/behaviours (e.g., going vegan) and to motivate them into action.

Support: Improving the effectiveness of activists and their initiatives through support including: trainings, resource libraries, donating/supplying needed materials/services/funds, keeping each other motivated and feeling appreciated, and mentoring.

Organizing: Increasing the effectiveness of activists and actions by coordinating their efforts to act as one cohesive and effective group. This includes volunteer coordination, facilitating the delegation of tasks, and connecting people with each other.

Solidarity Actions

Animal Liberation means Human Liberation and Earth Liberation. Every month we support actions that work towards liberation for all (the end of oppression, exploitation, and victimization). For these actions we act in solidarity with other social justice activists. We recommend that all CALM activists with revolutionary ambitions be actively engaged in human and earth liberation actions, treating them as part of the same struggle to end oppression.


Over the past year CALM Action has begun to change the landscape of action for animals in Canada. Using a liberationist approach, we have amplified the amount of vegan outreach taking place across Canada, increased online and in-person support and educational services for activists, and started to pave the way for strategic direct action for animals in Canada.

A summary of documented actions can be found on the accomplishments page here.

Frequently Asked Questions About CALM

If we don't answer your questions here, email or check out the infrequently asked questions .

How do I become a member of CALM?

CALM is a movement, not an organization. There is no membership fee or sign-up sheets. If you are active for animals and follow the CALM Action guidelines you are part of the Canadian Animal Liberation Movement. But remember, we are here to support you and all other CALM activists.

How do I find a CALM Action cell near me?

There are a handful of CALM Action cells across Canada. To connect with other CALM activists input your contact info here or email info@CALMaction.org.dra

I have a question, how can i get an answer?

Submit it here with your email and we will email you a response.