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About CALM Action

CALM is the Canadian Animal Liberation Movement. We are a decentralized network of activists fighting for the liberation of all animals. Our actions follow the CALM Action Guidelines and we strive towards the CALM Collective Manifesto (both found below).

We understand that humans are also animals in need of liberation and so many of our actions focus on directly helping humans.

The CALM Action Guidelines

An action can be claimed in the name of or in support of the Canadian Animal Liberation Movement (CALM) if it follows these guidelines:

1. The action must fight for total animal liberation. Total animal liberation is when no animal is oppressed, exploited, or victimized. This means no cages, no owners, and no slaughter.

2. The action cannot perpetuate the oppression or exclusion of any group (i.e., no sexism, racism, classism, consumerism/capitalism, etc.).

3. Activists are empowered to make decentralized and autonomous decisions. No one should ever ask permission for liberation.

The CALM Collective Manifesto

The CALM Collective Manifesto is a set of points we feel revolutionary animal liberation activists should work towards. The manifesto is meant to describe the revolutionary ethic that will make this movement successful.

Download PDF Version of the CALM Collective Manifesto

Frequently Asked Questions About CALM

If we don't answer your questions here, email or check out the infrequently asked questions .

What services does CALM Action provide for activists?

How is CALM organized? and why?

CALM Activists are organized in decentralized, non-hierarchical, and autonomous cells. There is no central CALM organization. This structure fosters widespread revolutionary action and is most resilient against government, corporate, and police repression.
The term cell is used to describe a group of CALM activists that operate closely together because like biological cells, when a CALM cell grows large enough (e.g., 10 people), the cell divides (e.g., into two groups of 5) and repeats the process.

How is CALM funded?

The same way all other revolutionary groups are... barely at all. Actions are generally funded by the activists carrying out the action. Because CALM activists are dedicated to animal liberation, any excess money or resources they have are funneled back into the movement.
While there are full-time and part-time CALM activists, we never take a salary/wage from the money donated to CALM.
If you want to fund a CALM Action, you should connect with an experienced CALM activist near you or plan the action yourself. Email us at info@CALMaction.org for more information.

Email Etiquette? How to get a quick and thorough response.

  • Bold any questions you want answered.
  • Bold all significant information (date, location, resources needed, etc)
  • Include all relevant information (e.g. if you want to get active, include what city you are in)
  • Emails should be addressed to us, not multiple recipients. If you want to add CALM to your group's mailing list please send emails to lists@calmaction.org. This will help us reply efficiently to direct requests.
  • If you would like to send us encrypted email, you can find our public key here.

I have a question, how can i get an answer?

Submit it here with your email and we will email you a response.