You Decide If They Live or Die

We must end this cruelty
People need to be told the truth about how animals are treated. The institutions that profit from the suffering of animals must be forced to close. Choose to stop contributing to animal exploitation by going vegan and rise against this cruel system until every cage is empty. We promise The Canadian Animal Liberation Movement will be there to support you.


Get Active for Animals

You can help animals today, no matter your age, gender, class, or abilities. Everyone brings something unique to the movement. The only thing we demand is dedication and passion. Volunteer opportunities can be found here. If you want to help in a different and important way connect with us by email or phone.

CALM is made up of autonomous and decentralized actions. Just follow the CALM Action Guidelines – you don’t need permission or direction from the moderators of this website to get active, but we will always be here to help provide any support you might need along the way…


Outreach Materials

Targetted outreach is one of the most effective ways to create positive change for animals. Outreach changes attitudes and behaviours that hurt animals and motivates others into action. It’s easy to get started today!

We have free downloadable outreach materials that can be used for vegan outreach and to raise awareness about issues like fur and circuses. Check out VeganOutreach.ca for more info on printing these materials, ordering some from us, and doing effective outreach for animals. You can email VeganOutreach@gmail.com if you have requests for outreach material on a specific topic…


Activist Training and Internships

If you want to learn how to create change for animals and become a more effective activist, come to one of our CALM Action trainings. These trainings give aspiring activists the tools needed to successfully fight for animals. Attend the next training.

We also offer internships for passionate activists to temporarily live with a CALM Action group where they gain activist experience, grow, and have fun. Applications are now open for Outreach Interns. This round of internships is available starting April, 2017 in St. Catharines. You can find more details on the internships and other activist training opportunities here.